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Dräger is one of the major providers for high quality marine and offshore services in the field of firefighting, rescue and safety equipment. We sell and service FRS equipment, 24/7 and 365 days.

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Areas of Application in the Oil & Gas Industry

We are at your service in the North Sea!

While exploring for oil and gas, tough working conditions will affect you: You might be confronted with harsh climates in remote regions of the world, unexpected leakages of poisonous or flammable gases or a constant danger of explosions. In such an environment, you need safety technology and concepts that you can rely on in difficult situations.


Dräger Nederland B.V.
Marine & Offshore

Beurtschipperstraat 1

3194 DK Hoogvliet

The Netherlands

Phonenumber: +31 (0) 10 295 2740

Faxnumber: +31 (0) 10 295 2709

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