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Daniamant L90 Lifebuoy Light

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Daniamant L90 Lifebuoy Light

Daniamant L90 Lifebuoy Light
Actived after release

The Daniamant L90 uses five alkaline batteries, offering a life of one year. Robust and reliable, the Danaimant L90 is automatically activated after release.

Product specifications

  • the Daniamant L90 is supplied complete with a 2.5m lanyard
  • minimum 2 cd light output
  • minimum 2 hour light duration
  • fully MED approved
  • IMO SOLAS approved
Weight 1080 gr
Dimensions 380 mm
Lamp 4 Volt, 0.6 Amp.
Batteries 5 1.5 Volt LR20
Activation Self-activating by tilt switch
Approvals IMO / SOLAS
  Description Unit Sales IMPA no. Articlenr
  Daniamant L90 Lifebuoy Light, bracket and battery included 1 331378 20120010
  Bracket for Daniamant L90 Lifebuoy Light 1 331378 20120011


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